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East Midlands Camping

The East Midlands is a large and diverse region. Within it are the historic counties of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire. The main cities are Nottingham, Lincoln, Derby, Leicester. The region is more than 90 per cent rural. It has a population of just under 4.3 million. With so may farms and fields it is not suprising there are a large number of 5 start campsires.

The region has a varied and resilient industrial base with a strong tradition in manufacturing as well as growing strengths in the service sector. It also boasts excellent centres of learning and research in its eight universities.

Corby is a designated Priority Place within the East Midlands region. Corby is an area of designated housing growth and a significant increase in housing development is expected in Corby. As part of the North Northamptonshire growth area, which is the biggest single growth area outside London, the planned population growth by 2021 is significant.  The DDS target for new homes in Corby is 16,800 and completions to date total 1,491 leaving a remaining total 15,309 still to be built.

Camping tents are also of a large significance when going on a mountain trek for a few weeks. A good tent will keep you warm and dry throughout your trip. Another parameter to consider when going on a long trip is the weight of the camping equipment that you are taking.

Corby is significantly developing its infrastructure with work well underway on the following projects on a new swimming pool and Civic Hub, the Corby Cube. Click here for more information on these projects.